Seriously…Unplug. You Can Do It!

Seriously…Unplug. You Can Do It!

Happy day to you!

Did you know that the first Friday of every March is now deemed, “The National Day of Unplugging”?  

‍I had no idea. 

‍Of course, there’s also National Pizza Day, Rubber Ducky Day, Plant a Flower Day, Donut Day, etc.  These may be deemed as “unofficial” national holidays on the calendar, but celebrated by many nonetheless. 

‍I love celebrating…every day of life should be celebrated! So, give me a party hat and confetti and bring on the pizza, the rubber ducky… give me some seeds to plant, and a yummy donut to devour and let’s party! 

‍Yes, some of these holidays may seem a bit silly, but we all need joy in life and celebrating even the littlest of things can bring a bit of happy to our lives. And, a little bit of happy can keep us healthier mentally which can bring big benefits both in the short and long-term. 

‍I do find it very interesting that someone (or many someones) decided we needed a day on the calendar to  “unplug” . Apparently, the idea is that on this day, people are to unplug themselves from all devices for 24 hours. 

‍It would seem we all need to unplug…and not just one time a year. 

‍Do you think you could participate in this holiday to Unplug for 24 hours with ZERO technology? 

‍Let me reiterate, in case you haven’t finished your caffeine intake today, that’s ZERO technology.

‍I would imagine zero technology includes your television…right?!

‍I want you to think a minute about this question. It’s a favorite of mine because it is so profound. Here it is: 

‍“Do you control technology or does technology control you?”

So, which is it… are you in control or are you allowing yourself to be controlled? Do you think you could go 24 hours without tech? No t.v. , phone, computer, television, social media, etc. ?

 Can you walk away for 24 hours? 

The reality is, most people allow themselves to be so incredibly busy…calendars free of any space, that they feel less in control than they wish to be. And, most people are unable, because of work, to cut out technology since it’s so needed for their work related day-to-day requirements. 

The question really becomes, when not at work, how many can make the break and unplug from technology? And, how many can do this on a more consistent basis when not working? 

Here’s a Challenge for You

Start with 1 day. Make it a goal to unplug for 1 day. 

Then, stretch that 1 day into more than 1 day. 

Make it like a fun game…how long can you go without any technology? How long can you go without your phone? How long can you go without going to the internet or turning on the t.v.?  Can you forgo social media and set yourself free of it for awhile?

You get the picture. Most people find one of the benefits to unplugging is that it feels freeing. 

It’s one less thing that has your attention, that takes away your time, that obligates you. 

It helps you be more intune to people and your environment. It opens your eyes to things you may not normally see…like the beautiful scenery that surrounds you. It can give you some time to refresh and rejuvenate.

Everyone needs downtime. Unplugging from tech can provide an opportunity to relax a little and clear your head.

Because we live in this world and have responsibilities, it’s understandable that we can’t unplug 24/7, but we can unplug from time to time to get refreshed and practice the art of fasting from tech. 

It is a gift you give yourself and one that helps you make sure you’re in control and not being controlled by technology. 

Please give this challenge a try. See what you think…how you feel. 

In my next reflection, I’ll be addressing all the awesome benefits of unplugging.  You won’t want to miss out, so stay tuned! 

Have a great day and don’t forget how valuable you are!


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